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Specialized Energy Construction Services

Non-Segregated Electrical Bus Bar Services

SE Energy’s new state-of-art maintenance and installation process combined with TE’s Raychem BPTM tubing delivers a much needed service to the industry. Preventative maintenance performed per OEM instructions can prevent nearly all faults in bus systems.

Far too often, standard plant maintenance is done without the proper expertise and experience, limiting its effectiveness. SE Energy’s process cuts shrink time in half and reduces overall installation time, and for nearly 60 years

TE’s Raychem products have been synonymous with RELIABILITY in extreme environments and conditions.

The result is a process that SAVES THE CUSTOMER TIME AND MONEY!

Raychem BPTM tubing - SE Energy Trailer Our new Mobile Bus Bar Refurbishing Unit was designed specifically to offer insulation replacement on site.  With our expert team mobilized to work on site, we are able to considerably cut down on re-insulation time by more than half. By improving our efficiency, we’re able to significantly reduce our time and labor. These savings are passed on to our customers!






Assess current status and vulnerability of bus system – Visual Inspection:

  • Arc tracking and other indicators
  • Cracked and damaged insulation
  • Moisture and debris buildup inside enclosure

Plan of Action – Preventative Maintenance/ Repairs:

  • Determine the areas that require re-insulation
  • Remove existing bus bar insulation and replace with TE’s BPTM material on site
  • Replace all bolting hardware and boots
  • Replace cover gaskets and cover hardware if necessary


Polyphenylylene oxide (PPO) insulation has been used in non-segregated bus duct by nearly all manufacturers for the last 30-40 years. Unfortunately, PPO type insulation has a known and documented history of becoming brittle and cracking or degrading over time. Many bus duct failures have been documented as a result of insulation degradation.

Typically, NO preventative or routine maintenance or inspections is performed on bus systems. Even more troubling, bus systems are a critical point for most power plants as there is no redundant backup.

Additionally, plants often uprate for a higher output, but fail to uprate their medium-voltage bus bars, making your BUS an even more critical component.


Failure to insulate properly can result in bus bar faults, fires, plant transients, reactor trips and other safety concerns. There are many documented incidents of insulation maintenance being ignored, and the outcomes aren’t very pretty…

  • Highly notable and well-documented incidents at US Nuclear Plants located in (via NRC) : Arizona, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Tennessee, Alabama, Washington, California
  • All non-segregated phase bus duct incidents were caused by cracked and damaged insulation (PPO type) that also had water and debris accumulated on the bus bar which led to tracking and inevitable failure
  • Most common areas of failure begin at the bus support blocks.