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Specialized Energy Construction Services

Isophase / Non-Seg Bus Project


A power plant in eastern Florida contacted our team to request an estimate on assessment, cleaning and inspection of their non-segregated and isolated phase bus. Hurricane Irma had recently wreaked havoc on the coast, and the plant needed a professional team on site to assess and repair any issues that may have come about.

Due to the damage caused by the hurricane, the plant experienced water ingress issues on the non-segregated bus system. The operators needed to hire a team that could not only identify and correct the source of the water ingress, but could also conduct a thorough inspection and assessment. The bus system was only 12 years old and generally in good condition, so the plant manager correctly decided to commission the full assessment to keep the system running smoothly for years.

After a thorough inspection, our team determined it was necessary to replace all the hardware and gaskets, and provided baseline electrical test reports for future maintenance. Additionally, we identified and corrected the source of the water ingress on the non-segregated bus system caused by the hurricane. We re-aligned the wall plate and stripped the existing silicone.  Next, we installed new silicone with a new gasket, self-tapping screws and bonded washers.  Our team’s effort was critical and required significant coordination on lockout/tag out, switching and scheduling to minimize the potential impact on the overall outage and other contractors.