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Specialized Energy Construction Services

Isolated Phase Bus Project

Kansas City, Missouri

Per the customer’s request, SE Energy performed a site walk where we observed that there were elevated temperatures occurring at the generator termination compartment, as well as the interface between the generator step-up transformer and isophase bus.

Originally, the unit was commissioned in 1979/1980 and then replaced in 2008/2009 with an alternative design. With a very limited window and space to perform the required work, our team was tasked with developing a comprehensive plan to execute the scope of work based on the limitations. The project had many stages of planning with at least nine additions to the scope of work developed due to the discoveries of shortcuts taken by the previous designer. The bus had different variations of aluminum, and the compartment did not have the proper cross sectional area to carry the load (material was too thin; spacing was not adequate, and undersized).

At the customer’s request, our team, along with Powell Electrical Systems, was tasked with performing the minimal scope to get through the shortened outage until a longer outage could be obtained. The generator bushing adapter plates were removed and replaced with a new custom adapter with increased surface area and thickness. The existing isophase conductor ends were cut off and new silver plated ends were welded. New stainless steel bolting hardware with conical washers and flexible braided assemblies were added. Finally, new aluminum nut backer strips were welded to the inside compartment to create a larger surface area for the doors to be installed with new SS hardware and gaskets.