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Specialized Energy Construction Services

Isolated Phase Bus Project

Nova Scotia

Our team was called about replacing ends on three separate transformers at a power plant in Nova Scotia. As each transformer contained three separate ends, this particular job included a total of nine ends that needed replacement. Our team at SE Energy went through our typical process on this kind of job and got to work right away upon arrival.

Nova Scotia power plant tranformer silver-plated-conductor-ends

First, we removed the bolted enclosure covers. Next, we cut the conductor silver-plated ends off and beveled the existing conductor to precise, 30 degreee angles and 1/16 inches. We then prepped to re-weld.

The team fit and welded the new silver-plated conductor ends and touched it off the work with a coat of fresh paint. While our team was onsite, the decision was made to have our team stick around for a bit longer in order to complete the same work on the plant’s remaining three units. This meant nine more ends would need to be replaced. Nova Scotia power plant tranformer silver-plated-conductor-ends

This additional work was essentially completed at a discount because the owner of the plant would not have to incur the additional costs of having a team come out at a later date. We were able to complete the customer’s request in the allotted time.

Our team’s flexibility is what allowed us to save the customer a substantial amount of money by not requiring another mobilization and demobilization.