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Specialized Energy Construction Services

Isolated Phase Bus Project

South Carolina

The Winyah Generating Station in South Carolina was experiencing a generator step up transformer failure. They had a spare on site, but unfortunately, it was not an exact fit. In order to fix the issue, our team assisted with alignment and field measurements for a temporary emergency connection. The biggest challenge was that the transformer configuration was unique. There was a second section of the isolated phase bus that connected to the plant’s auxiliary transformer.

Furthermore, the differences in the spare transformer and the one that failed provided required a specific solution. Our team was engaged from the initial assessment all the way through the design, construction and finally the testing phases of the project. Additionally, we provided critical cleaning and inspection services after evaluating the bus duct that was linked to the failure directly.

The customer saw enormous value in working with a contractor that could provide a comprehensive list of services.  This job required a variety of different skill sets requiring a high-level of expertise.  We were able to deliver everything in a timely fashion.

“I would absolutely recommend SE Energy and their services to another power generating station.  The level of service we received was second-to-none, and it was very helpful that they were able to perform all of the work we needed done.”

– Al Wilson, Supervisor Electrical Maintenance, Winyah Generating Station